How much do you have to shred?

  • Stack of files.

    The easiest thing to shred at the Shred Stop. A stack of files is already organized to take full advantage of the 50+ sheets that can be shred at a time. If your files are thin, you can feed the whole thing - folder, paperclips, binding, and all.

  • File-box.

    A file-box is the quintessential amount shred by our customers during each use. Set a normal sized file-box on the counter and you can feed material into the shredder straight from the box. Rigid sides allow free access to material, and just a little bit of organizing will pay big dividends in speed. We always recommend shredding one full file-box per trip to be most efficient using the Shred Stop.

  • Grocery Bag.

    A full grocery bag can hold about the same amount of material as a file-box. You'll probably need to leave the bag in a shopping cart, so take a moment before shredding to make a couple stacks on the counter. When you're ready for new stacks, use the "Pause" button to give yourself time to organize. Or bring a friend along to help stack! It's fun to shred in pairs.

  • Garbage Bag.

    A full kitchen-size garbage bag can hold more than two file-boxes of material. We highly recommend you take the material and transfer it to a different container (such as file-boxes or re-useable grocery bags) if possible. A plastic garbage bag is hard to keep open, difficult to remove material from, and material inevitably gets stuck in the folds of the plastic. If you don't have another option, use the "Pause" button liberally while shredding to make smaller piles on the counter, and be aware that it will take longer to complete.

  • More. Much more.

    When it comes to shredding a lot of material, we recommend spacing it out and bringing in one full file-box at a time for maximum efficiency. If you would like to shred all of the material in one trip, navigate to the "Locations" screen on this website and look up your destination kiosk to see how much space is available. While shredding, use the "Pause" button to organize materials and to take a few breaks. If you have more than eight boxes to shred at once, give us a call at 877.824.7473 and we'll help you arrange for a mobile shredding truck to come to you.