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Scale: This box height = $100,000
Information as of Aug 1, 2011

We value investing our capital in the United States.

All of the major components of the Shred Stop are manufactured and integrated entirely in the United States for two reasons.

First, creating a high-quality product is essential for our company. The highest quality of manufactured goods with strict quality control is best found right here. Manufacturing in the United States may cost a little more, but it's worth it to provide our customers with the best experience.

Second, we believe that a strong manufacturing base in our country is vital to maintaining good jobs and ensuring our future prosperity. So you can feel good about protecting your information, and also supporting our country.


Very Sensitive


All Personal

Disciplined Shredder

Home shredder probably works.

Depends on home shredder quality.


Consistent Shredder

Use the Shred Stop monthly for significant time savings and a more cost effective shredding solution. Plus, no more worrying about equipment costs and maintenance.

Inconsistent Shredder


Depends on the amount of accumulation allowed.

Mobile shredding service may be warranted. Call us.

We value putting our customers' interests first.

The Shred Stop was created because our founders couldn't find a solution that fit their shredding needs. We want to make sure every customer gets the right solution for themselves.

We think the Shred Stop covers a lot of situations, and is better than a home shredder in almost any case. But if you create a lot of material consistently, or have a very large amount to shred at once, then our kiosk may not be the right choice.

Use our Contact Us form or give us a call at 877.824.7473, then we'll honestly assess your situation and help you make the right choice for your shredding needs.

of the kiosk is recyclable.


of shredded material is recycled.


pounds of material is recycled monthly.


watts of energy is used while the kiosk is idle.


We value minimizing our impact on the environment.

Our equipment is designed to conserve power and all of the waste produced at our kiosk is recycled. The kiosks themselves are made almost entirely of metals that are easily recycled, so the long term environmental impact is minimal.

An example of our environmental dedication is the oil used to lubricate the shredder blades. We use more expensive, premium oil that has been stripped of heavy metals to ensure it has no impact on the recyclability of the shredded material. Plus, all of the lights are LEDs to minimize power consumption.